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being blasted by republicans to not agreeing to a meeting with benjamin netanyahu, president obama said containment of a nuclear iran was no option and warned that the united states will, quote, do what it must. >> america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy, and we believe there's still time and space to do so. that time is not limited. >> the president defended the right to free speech while at the same time condemning the murder of an american ambassador and attacking the embassies overseas. >> there are no words to excusing the killing of innocence, no video to justifying the attack on the embas embassy. >> joining me now both of "time" magazine. thank you for your time. a lot going on today. interestingly enough i have to start this segment off by saying the president giving this big foreign policy speech before the
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u.n., he just tweeted out about the nfl referee situation. i don't know what that says, if he is just comfortable foreign policy wise leading in the polls, he's showing he can juggle a bunch of things but nernls the president's personal signature saying nfl on both sides of the aisle hopes the lockout is over soon. make sense of it. all the heat the republicans tried to stick and within hours he's retwooeting about the nfl refs. >> it's the most important thing going on right now. no, there's a lot going on right now. this is for foreign policy geeks, the u.n. general assembly is a foreign policy super bowl in its own right. it was a speech. it wasn't a huge speech. he's not spends a local of time there this week. he's very much in election mode. he's really passing through. he had, you know, earlier
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remarks with them and beyoban a >> the word at least was make this a account do no harm" speech but the president did take some risks directing a harder line at iran if you can call it that. >> yeah. i think he may have been responding to some of the criticisms. i don't think that that's a worry. you can see the president is doing pretty well in a very tough and very sensitive situation over the past few weeks. still it's a sensitive situation and a sensitive speech. >> we're going to get that bill clinton sound bite on. he was on morning joe this
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morning. in the meantime let me bring in nationally syndicated talk show host who's also an msnbc contributor. michael, i have to wonder. when you look at the most popular stories today, it it is ref situation overall if you look at the most talked about political stories of the day, perhaps this, but you talk to people every day long. are they talking about the ref rage or foreign policies at the u.n. >> tamron, i had no idea you were going to bring this up, but let me tell you in the last hour i began my program by talking about nate's analysis of where the presidential race stands and the nfl situation with the referees. >> that's incredible and i don't know how to process that. is it that the american public
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in the polling are that confident with the president's foreign policy stance, albeit as he referred to as bumps in the road with the arab spring? is it proof that it's not been effective or are we just easily distracted these days and perhaps what to do about iran and afghanistan are just too complex to try to turn into talking points on programs? michael? >> well, i think those are her subjects. i think there's a seinfeld principle at work here. they get overwhelmed with some of the heavy stuff, whether it's the economy, the trouble spots in the middle east. and to have a digression and be able to talk about the nfl and what did you think of that game last night, it's good water cooler fodder, and we all have a stake in that sort of thing and frankly it's not so confrontational.
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>> let me play what former president bill clinton said on "morning joe" about people attacking president obama about not having the talks with the foreign leaders. >> what did you do in '96? you obviously m met with leader. it's surprising he's not meeting with the leaders. >> bi did, but the campaign was different in '96. the survey said it wasn't that close. >> what do you make of the answer that he gave there, jim, i'm sorry? >> it was about the in fact obama is not meeting with netanyahu while he's here but it's no secret that netanyahu has not tried interjecting himself and there's no need for the president to be hijacked by the lead over any state about when he meets on his own terms.
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>> another interesting sound bike that's getting a lot of press today. he's talking about he or any leader should expect awful things to be said. let me play this. >> as president of our country and commander in chief of our military, i accept that people are going to call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. >> rana, what do you make of that line there? >> i love that quote. it's saying two things. it's talking about free speech in the wake of what's happened in the last few weeks in the middle east and the other thing that the administration has done right is that what's happened in the middle east in the last few weeks and the last few months, the aan spring, it's not about the u.s. it's really about them, not us.
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that's not leading from behind. that's being smart. >> mitt romney said he was speaking at the clinton global initiative today, talked a lot about the work that former president has done with his organization, but, of course, he stepped into the muddy waters of iran and let me play what governor romney had to say. >> iran is moving toward nuclear weapons capability. we somehow feel that we're at the mercy of events rather than shaping events. >> jim, let me bring you back. a lot has been written and said about mitt romney's vision for what to do with iran. he has, quite honestly, said nothing different than what the current administration has offed up here, but how is he able to get traction here at all if he is? >> i'm not sure he is getting traction. did he say what he meant when he said the united states should mount its own attacks or
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sanctions israel's own attacks? >> he alluded to sanctions not working and whatever the next move is, sanctions so far. >> i meant approving military strikes. is he saying that's the next step? i think romney hasn't gotten a lot of traction as a federal foreign policy candidate or president because he criticizes but he doesn't offer alternatives. he said we should not be weak in the middle east, but what exactly does that mean when you're talking about tahrir square and benghazi. it's very unclear. it seems to me obama is taking the right track. patience is not the same thing as weakness. >> you bring up weakness and patience. let me play, michael, what he had to say. of course, he's with the romney campaign. let's play dan's piece. >> by the president and senior officials' repeated broadcasts
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that the military is on the action but it doesn't have a lot of teeth to it doesn't give the iranians any incentive to get off course today. >> we heard mitt romney mention the word apologies. michael, do you believe this has been at all ineffective strategy, the repeated strategy. that the president and administration made week decisions and been an apologist as we've heard from the primary through now? >> no. i think it's been a net negative. i've been saying to phone callers, please articulate what apology you're referring to. it's always answered with a very generic nonspecific reply. i think it's fired up the base. the base was already engaged. it has not helped with independence, and think it's been a net negative. >> all right. michael smerconish and rana and
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jim, thank you for your time. 1,000 hours until election day. get ready to see a lot more of president obama and mitt romney. they're calling it an unprecedented level of media saturation. are you ready to get soaked? plus, what president obama tweeted in the last few minutes. i tweeted a lot of that. the ref debacle continues. it is rocking the nfl. and dallas quarterback troy aiken tweeted these games are a joke. i'm going to talk with philadelphia star. check out our tumbler page to see some of the good stuff we've posted. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, you've done the impossible.
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pennsylvania state officials say they're making it easier for registered voters to get state issued i.d. cards. they explained that a newly streamlined process was finallyized only last night. now, that new law that's only six months old requires pho s p i.d. from each voter. they're saying registered voters are being turned away without voter i.d.s and they're talking about the process being in some cases four hours long. today's hearing is to find out if the law makes it simile too hard to get the i.d. so they can vote. and the united states supreme court is upholds its order. well, today's decision reverses a lower court ruling, which
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11:19 am
global initiative as well today, and that's just for starters. romney has two other interviews today. he'll rally where he and his running mate paul ryan have that big bus tour. cnn editor mark murray joins us from washington. i love the swirl effect because that's kind of how the day felt with so many things going on. the clinton global initiative speech for romney, education nation. it's a swirl of media coverage for these two men today. >> and, tamron, we still have six weeks to go as far as the scheduling for president obama and mitt romney. you know, part of it today had to do with the scheduling. you had the u.n. general assembly, the speech, the events, nbc's education nation. but you are right. every time you're looking at the screen today, there's president
11:20 am
obama giving a speem, then mitt romney, then president obama, and then mitt romney, we're going to continue to see that. now it moves to new york city to where the events were to battleground states all over the map. >> it's interesting. do the messages get lost in the haze of it all especially when you're looking at issues of, for example, foreign policy? >> i think they do. especially when someone like me is supposed to keep tabs, but they do. it is worth noting a lot of things they said today, president obama's speech before the u.n. and mitt romney's remarks on education, a lot of this stuff is things they actually said before but it takes greater importance given how close we are to the election, the first debate on october 3rd. but we're in a stage where they're saying so many different things but everything matters. >> what about on some unprecedented level? is it fair to measure it at this point. twitter was not around.
11:21 am
cable news is a whole different beast, numbers -- just extraordinary numbers and viewers as of late. so is it fair to even measure how this is covered compared to even four years ago? >> you can't measure. also the news cycles have also shrunken. you talk to the people at the obama campaign and the white house, and one of the reasons rye whooi they like to go before "the view" and go to "letterman," this is where all people get different news throughout the day, that that they're not watching broadcast tv or turning on the cable news. they're getting so many different sources of news out there, whether it's social media. you name it, tamron. so that really does kind of show you how diffuse information and news is. >> thanks, mark, for joining us a little earlier than usual.
11:22 am
we'll see you tomorrow. >> thanks. >> up next, the nfl, yes, they're backing that call from last night's packers/seahawks game. plus everyone is weighing in on the ref debacle. but i get a chance to talk with philadelphia eagles star nnamdi os a wa. we can't let him off the hook. this is the fun we took this morning. i'm not sure what we were doing, but it involved balloons. wow. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. okay. on a day when mitt romney and president obama laid out their visions for the nation's education future, we want to bring your attention to one of the countless people making a difference as well on the ground. philadelphia eagles quarterback nnamdi asomugha is not one of
11:26 am
the best players every year. he takes high school kids on all-expense-paid trips to college campuses around the country. he joins me now from the education nation summit. nnamdi, great to see you. thanks for joining us again. >> yeah, how are you doing, tamron? >> i'm doing fantastic. you've received honors galore since we last saw you. we know your family founded the asomugha foundation. you take the kids every year despite your commitments on the field. how do you keep others motivated and helping the way you have? >> you know, i think just the fact that there are high school students all over the country, you always want to help them out. there's always someone who's looking for that extra edge or, you know, that push to say that education is something that is cool or something that's interesting. if i just had somebody that could help me along the way, you know, then i could make it. so that's how i've stayed
11:27 am
motivated. now i've expanded to philadelphia and we take some students from philadelphia on college tours and it's great in. >> in april 2012 you took 18 students to chicago to some of the best schools in this country. as you'vementioned you expanded to filphilly, boston and other areas. >> you know, that's the big thing because when i talk to the students or i'll go to a high school somewhere in the country and i'll talk to students, i'll say what's the one thing that you want to get out of this educational process, and they're always telling me, well, i just want to see something else. you know, i thurng that education is more than books and being in class, but just being outside of my normal environment.
11:28 am
so i think i could be educate thad way. they could see all the colleges in the area. my whole thing was to take them outside of their element and have them be educated in that way. >> we know education is important but the ref rage as it's being called, the nfl releasing a statement just a short time ago, nnamdi, they they're supporting the refs in this game with the packers, what do you think? come on. give it to me straight. >> you're not going to be fined. >> i am going to be fined. you don't know that, tamron. but anyway, no. obviously you never want it to be the play that costs one team or the other in a game. they weren't in the nfl last year, so this is all new to them. >> you're awfully forgiving. >> it's tough. >> you're awfully forgiving and i kind of know why because
11:29 am
you've got a game against the giants and you don't want a ref against you before you start. >> yeah, you figured it out. >> troy aikman said this is a joke. we know your position as a quarterback. i said earlier that could have been you and the bad call against you. >> yeah, you're right. you're right. you're absolutely right. and, you know, let's -- i'll be honest with you. this isn't something that, you know, we go silent throughout the week about. you know, guys are always talking about it, players in the locker room are talking about it. obviously when we go to work tomorrow it will be a big issue and something we talk about it. but our coaches say don't say anything, don't attack them, let them handle it. that's the way we've had to deal with it. i know you're a cowboys fan, so, you know -- i don't know. football is something that we're all passionate about. >> it's a passion, you're right. >> if the refs are -- yeah.
11:30 am
absolutely. >> i don't want to get you fined. i don't want you to go against your coach's marching orders. >> it might be too late. it might be too late. >> reggie bush tweeted out the refs have got to go. another said, come on, man. all i got to do is laugh. hope the ref lockout is settled soon. aisle leave it on the president's note. >> absolutely. >> i'll be watching. i'm definitely in your corner, you're the only player i like outside of the cowboys team. thank you, buddy. take care. >> appreciate it. thank you. up next, president obama shares his thoughts with the biggest challenge of trying to keep soaring college tugs costs down. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future.
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attacking an embassy won't create a single job. that brand of politics only makes it harder to achieve what we must do together, educating our children and creating the opportunities that they deserve. >> that was president obama, and in his speech before the u.n. today, citing education is the issue that united the world. outside he's defending his own education policies telling msnbc news his reforms have led to greater accountability and higher standards for teachers. he sat down with savannah guthrie. >> thanks for sitting down with me. >> appreciate it. >> i want to ask you about the strike in chicago. there was a leading reform advocate who said this is a new day for democrats, they're no longer kowtowing to the unions. is that how you see it? >> that's not how i see it.
11:35 am
what i see is all across the country people want results and i'm a strong believer that the way to get results is to get everyone involved. it starts at home. parents have to parent and turn off the tv and video and make sure your kids turn off the video and do their home work and communicate with the teachers. teachers are striving in the classrooms and the school boards making sure the teachers have the resources and creativity to do their best. principals are leaders. i think what you saw in chicago for example was the fact that they had the shortest school day in the country or shortest school year. it was very important for mayor emanuel to say let's step up our game, and it was important for the teachers unions to say, let's make sure we're not blaming teachers for the big problems out there. let's make sure we got the resources. i'm glad it was resolved.
11:36 am
ultimately performance, and making sure the kid doswell. i but i do think from the perspective of democrats, we can't just sit on the status quo or say that money's the only issue. reform is important also. that's been the benchmark we've used in my administration is to say we're going to give more money to those schools that are serious about reform, but we're not going to let people make excuses and suggest that it's just a money problem. >> mitt romney said that president obama has chosen his side in this fight, that you sided with the unions. at another time last spring he said he can't talk up reform while indulging in groups that block it. >> well, you know, i think governor romney and a number of folks try to politicize the issue and do a lot of teacher bashing. when i meet teachers all across the country, they're so devoted, so dedicated to their kids. and what we've tried to do is actually break through this
11:37 am
left/right conservative liberal gridlock, and that's what my key reform's been all about, the race to the top. what we've said to school districts is you've got to emphasize high accountability, high standardsing, make sure teachers know we're going to be paying attention to the national outcomes of kids but we're also going to be giving the resources the to the teachers, providing the support they need. some of the things we've done has not been popular with school teachers. i'm a big supporter of charter schools. >> one of the things mayor rahm emanuel fought for was that. >> the key is to work with teachers. when you look at what's happened in denver, for example, school district, teachers have embraced
11:38 am
the idea of merit teachers who are doing a great job, but what is still a challenge and i think teachers have a legitimate gripe here is making sure the assessments are done properly, that it's not just based on standardized tests which often force schools to teach to the tests. and one of the reasons we have sought reforms to no child left behind, i think it had great intentions. i give president bush credit for saying let's raise standards and make sure everybody's trying to meet them. but because so much was tied to standardized testing, what you saw was teaching to the test. and i can't tell you how many teachers meet who say, you know what? this makes school less interesting for kids, and as a consequence i'm ending up really shrinking my curriculum, what i can do in terms of creativity inside of the classroom. and that's not how you and i, for example, when we thing of
11:39 am
our best teachers, we don't think of studying for a bunch of testing to see how we do on the tests. >> some people think he can't have a honest conversation about what they're doing right or wrong. can you really say teachers union s aren't slowing the pace of reform? >> i get frustrated when i hear of teacher bashing as evidence of reform. my sister is a former teacher. she now works at the university working with teachers, and i can tell you na that they work so hard. they're pulling money out of their own pockets. and in some of the tougher school districts, they're not just teachers. they're counselors, teachers, disciplinarians because these kids are coming into the schools with so many different problems. what is absolutely true is if we've got a bad teacher, we should be able to train them to
11:40 am
get better and if they can't get better, they should be able to get fired. i do think that reform has to be a part of every agenda in the country -- school district in the country because there are some schools that are just underperforming. >> and i want to ask you about that because i'm sure you can cytot cite the statistics by heart. the u.s. spends about as much as any other country per pupil. why aren't we getting our money's worth. people are probably wondering what are we spending our money on then? >> part of the problem we've got is we've got a very diverse country compared to some of the smaller countries where all the kids are coming to school pretty well prepared. they're not hungry, they're not poor. in our country, you know, we've got poor kids and some kids who have deep troubles at home and that affects performance, but there's no doubt we can step up
11:41 am
o your game. so what i've proposed moving forward, building off of the race to the top, let's hire new math and science teachers who are trained in math and science without being thrown in the classroom without the preparation they need. focus on early childhood education. part of our race to the top is let's figure out what are the dropout factories out there. some schools are really underperforming. let's transform those schools. and in all these situations what we have to do is combine creativity and evidence-based approaches. so let's not use ideology. let's figure out what works and combine that with resources. and this is a big argument and big difference that i've got with governor romney in this election. they talk a good game about reform, but when you actually look at budgets, they're talking about slashing our investment education by 20, 25%.
11:42 am
we've already seen 300,000 teachers that have been fired across the country, and as a consequence class sizes have gone up by 5%. and when you talk with a teacher -- i was meeting with a couple of teachers in las vegas -- they said they've got 42 kids in a class, some of them sitting on floor. it takes a couple of weeks to where they try to redistribute to get it down to 35, 36, 38. that has an impact on kids learning. so reform is important and resources are important, and you can't be for one but not be for the other. >> let me ask you about no child left behind. the administration has granted waivers to states because congress hasn't amended the law. allows them to have not as rigorous standards. something caught my eye absolutely and i'm glad it caught yours too. because of those waivers in some states, some states are permitted to have different
11:43 am
proficiency standards by race. in other words, in the state of maryland, african-americans are only expected to reach a certain level of proficiency but why students are expected to reach a hire level of proficiency. we have a situation in 2012 where you have african-americans not expected to reach the same proficiency as whites. i just wondered on a gut level, does that bother you? >> of course, it bothers me. one of the good things about no child left behind is to say that all kids can learn, white, hispanic, it doesn't matter. but the problem you had is because it was underresourced and because some kids were coming to school -- minority kids were coming to school already behind, the schools were not going to come close to meeting these standards. and so what we've said to
11:44 am
schools is you've got to continue to keep the high standards, but we're still going to measure growth. you're not going have a chance do really well with white kids and the black and hispanic kids but you average it out and meet something. we're still going to desegregate that. moving toward the growth model and measuring how a school is doing gives every school the opportunity to improve without labeling them as failures and then not giving them the resources that they need to actually step up. >> let's talk about college tuition. i know you've done a lot. you talk a lot about what to do on the aids side. on the cost side tuition is going up by leaps and bounds and will make your jaw drop when you ewe think what a little kid today is going to have to pay in 20 years.
11:45 am
in the state of the union, you say, i'm putting you on notice, schools, if you don't do that, e you're going to see your funding drop. has there been any change? >> you're right. our first step was to make sure we were providing the aid and grant that were needed so the burden wasn't all falling on kids. we took money out of the pell gram. we said let's cut out the middle men. let's use that to expand the assistance we're providing the kids. so as a consequence the average cost has not gone up as fast as tuition has gone up. but that's not a sustainable model. we're going have to keep tuition down. the biggest problem we've got with tuition, especially public universities is state legislatures have been shifting priorities. you know, they're spending money.
11:46 am
and what we've said to state legislatures is you've got to do your part and prioritize this because how well your state does is going to depend on how well your work force is educated. but what we've also seen is schools starting to do something about costs. you know, in some cases it may have to do with tele-education and are there ways kids can get educated without being in a classroom. it may involve changing at the facilities. when you've got country club level workout facilities and dining halls and all that stuff, that costs money. i also tell them when i went to school, we didn't expect to have
11:47 am
that. we're looking to find ways to cut costs but ultimately states are going to have to step up. this is also why community colleges are so important because that's a good option for a lot of kids. not everybody's going to need a four-year college degree. everybody's going to need some form of higher education and community college are under utilized resources. we want to provide 2 million more jobs. >> what would you advise a schiel senior that had a dream school that would leave them $100,000 in debt or go to another school that would not? should they lower their academic sights for financial reasons? >> a couple things i would say. each school is different and some schools have a big ticket retail price but when you factor in the aid that the schools give, it may not cost the kid as much, but if they've got a chance at getting a great
11:48 am
education without loading up debt, you know, sometimes that might be the better option. one of the things we want to do is make sure the kids know what it is that it's going to cost them to go to college. so as part of our wall street reform package we set up something called the consumer finance protection bureau which is designed to help consumers on a whole range of things, financial situations, mortgages, credit cards. one of the things they've done is work with schools so kids know before they get -- they get a clear sheet before they sign up for school explaining even if the college tells you, look, don't worry about costs, you'll be able to get the money for your college, a lot of times the kids don't know how much they're going to owe at the end of four years and we're saying you've got to make that information available so the kid can be better consumers and as consequence get the best education possible. >> getting back to education for a moment, your supporters and even detractors said what you
11:49 am
did to the race to the top had a huge impact, you did that with, i think, less than 1% of the federfe federal budget. the question is why not get more? >> we're trying to fund this race to the top model. there have been members of congress who have been resis tent. traditionally education aid has been spread around be a formula. if you're a congressman or senator from a particular place, you want to make sure you're getting your fair share, regardless of whether your schools are reforms or not. we're going to keep on pushing because as you point out, we ended up seeing 46 states, even the ones that didn't win the competition, initiate reforms
11:50 am
because they were chasing those extra dollar, and what we want to say to school districts and states across the country is each state is different. you know, we're not suggesting all comes from washington. there are some basic standards that everybody should meet and there are certain practices that we know work. we know that -- who are treated like professionals and be creative in the classroom and a good principal who's a leader and you're keeping track of to progress they're making. and when we have good data that shows how you improve schools, it shouldn't be just sitting in a drawer. and the idea between a race to the top is we'll work with you, we're not going to tell you exactly what you want to do but we're going to tell you how it works. if you want extra dollars to
11:51 am
immr. ement that, we'll tell you. >> before i let you go you got in hot water at home, i heard about, when you let the world know malia got a c on a science test. that got me thinking. have you ever failed a test? >> oh, yes. >> really? >> i was -- i would say i was a mediocre student until i got to college. i goofed off way too much. malia and sasha are so far ahead of me, basically at n all respects. they're basically better people than i was and thayer doing wonderfully. i couldn't be prouder of them. i will say at least at the school they're at, theory getting a lot more homework than i did when i was that age. they seem to be working deep into the night, you know. i didn't study until the night before an exam. >> i wondered if malia who's in high school now if she's studied current events and studying this
11:52 am
presidential election. >> you know, she is studied current events. she's pretty dispassionate about it. she's able to separate out from dad who's at home to the debates going on out there. >> are you? >> i tell her i want her to think for herself. the best education is one where kids learn how to learn and they learn how to think for themselves, and my entire goal as a parent is the same goal i've got as president, which is to make sure that every child out here is equipped to compete and to be good citizens in an environment that's changing so fast. what you need to be able to do is constantly take in new information, adapt it, analyze it, use it, and i think that and
11:53 am
we have all the ingredients we need to succeed in this competitive environment, but it does mean we've got more work do at the local level and hopefully the federal government can be helpful. we can't do it all. we only account for 10% of education funding, but i think we can lever ralk the resources that we have to make sure that schools are making a difference. >> mr. president, thank you for your time. really appreciate it. >> thank you, i enjoyed it. for more inform yogs u can log on to a reminder... that before this date, we have to exceed expectations. we have to find new ways to help make life easier, more convenient and more rewarding. it's the reason why we don't have costumers. we have members. american express. welcome in. when i think of aspirin, i really think of it as that bottle in the back of my parents' medicine cabinet.
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